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Friday, October 23, 2009


LadyLike top

Color : Cream and purple lining.

Worn few times.

Not sure what size it is, but it's gonna suit well a size S and also fits for size M.
But do ask me for measurements k?
*jgn slhkn saye kalo slh size*

RM 10

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Not your ordinary shawls.

Haluu girls!
Ok shawls ni sebenarnya dah di post dlu, tapi di pindahkan ke blog lagi satu.
Oleh sebab susah nak maintain 3 blog, so masuk sini balik :P
Shawls ni my mom beli kat Madinah, in package.
Tapi xde la ktorang nak pakai semua kan, so better jual :)

Shawls ni bkn macam shawl biasa anda tgk kat blog orglain.
Dier different and high-quality.
Different styles we can make with shawls. best kan :D
U may detach the rambu-rambu thingy.hee
Available in 4 colors!

Pick one now!
Yellow- 2 available
Blue - 1 available
Pink+red - 1 available
Pink - 2 available
ONLY RM 20 each PLUS registered post!
Any inquiries?
Email me at:cheapprettythings@yahoo.com

3qtr VJ JEANS for size M-L :)


It's new, but there's slight 'dot' as small as 5cent
*as in picture 2, under the 'READY' line

Size not stated, but I think it's for bigger M - L


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