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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I hart Molly!

My all-time favorite!
Too bad it's too big. I love it so much, that I dun care bout it's size, and turns up feeling embarrassed. haha.

Shirt from Ti:Zed Ladies, size L.

In a PERFECT condition.
Color - different blue+white+black.

Sangat smart!
I love the details too..
Pernah nampak same top kat blog lain, tapi it's red/pink color xlawa sgt.huhu

RM 15 plus postage


3qtr Green top, size M-L.kot?

Pale green
3 qtr shirt.

In good condition, the color is actual color.

Hm..I actually bought this for myself.
Seriousl sy pun tataw nape bli, padahal sgt besar kot.huhu.

It has no size/brand.

But I guess it fits size M-L?
I can't find both measument tape :(

Do email me if u're interested, i'll try my best to measure it :P

RM 5


Friday, October 23, 2009


LadyLike top

Color : Cream and purple lining.

Worn few times.

Not sure what size it is, but it's gonna suit well a size S and also fits for size M.
But do ask me for measurements k?
*jgn slhkn saye kalo slh size*

RM 10

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Not your ordinary shawls.

Haluu girls!
Ok shawls ni sebenarnya dah di post dlu, tapi di pindahkan ke blog lagi satu.
Oleh sebab susah nak maintain 3 blog, so masuk sini balik :P
Shawls ni my mom beli kat Madinah, in package.
Tapi xde la ktorang nak pakai semua kan, so better jual :)

Shawls ni bkn macam shawl biasa anda tgk kat blog orglain.
Dier different and high-quality.
Different styles we can make with shawls. best kan :D
U may detach the rambu-rambu thingy.hee
Available in 4 colors!

Pick one now!
Yellow- 2 available
Blue - 1 available
Pink+red - 1 available
Pink - 2 available
ONLY RM 20 each PLUS registered post!
Any inquiries?
Email me at:cheapprettythings@yahoo.com

3qtr VJ JEANS for size M-L :)


It's new, but there's slight 'dot' as small as 5cent
*as in picture 2, under the 'READY' line

Size not stated, but I think it's for bigger M - L


Email me at

Monday, September 21, 2009

Maroon top for size S-M :)

Details along button tops

Hidden buttons

Red @ Maroon top by Series

Tagged size F (i dont even know what kind of size that is!)
Should fit size small M and S :)

In good condition, no marks etc.
But 2 buttons for each sleeve are missing.



Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Colors :)

I truly, personally loves this top!
Colourful stripes, long sleeve, CUTE POCKETS!

It fits me just nice, but too short for me :(

Tagged size XL, but I'm a size S and it fits me well.
Maybe, size XL for kids. huhu.

I guess it's suitable for size S-small M only!

It is in great condition. As good as new :)

Make it yours at
RM 8

oh btw, it's from CHIC AVENUE :)

*Free* Orange-y stripes :)

I always hart orange!
But this is too big for me :(

Orange stripes by CHIC AVENUE.
Well taken care of.
In other words, condition is PERFECT!

Tagged size L

FREE with any purchase.

*subject to additional postage charge


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

3qtr black top - XXL!

Notice that little 'diamonds' there? It's shiny. Glamorous !

Brand : Ti-zed

3 qtr

Size XXL


bust - 18"
waist - 17"
length - 23.5"

Condition :
Color is a BIT fade out. BIT!
Other than that, it's perfect!

RM 10


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

BUM stripes Size XL


Brand : BUM Equipment

Tagged size XL, but maybe, MAYBE can be fit for size L as well.
Not sure.
Do email me for measurements :)

It's pre-loved
Condition : Superb

RM 5


Bontton Shirt Size L

Just a simple shirt for simple chics!

Stated size L

Condition: Great!

RM 10


Goggles Stripes Size XL

Brand : Googles
Stipes/ colour purple

Size XL


Condition: PERFECT! as good as new!


VJ Jeans Size XL

Brand: VJ Jeans

Size: XL


Condition : As PERFECT as new


Tuesday, March 31, 2009

welcome note!

Hello shoppers!

Thanks for stopping by..
(wonder where you got the address :P)

Anyways, it's a new blog, we will start posting things to sell/swap but the process of
selling/swapping WOULD NOT START until further notice.
Because we're kinda busy now..

So, stay tune! :)

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